Donor Programs - Embryo & Sperm Donation
Donor program for endometriosis and sperm: Offering embryo and sperm donation services for individuals with endometriosis.

Donor Programs for Embryo and Sperms

A healthy anonymous donor's eggs are fertilised with anonymous donor sperm from a sperm bank and one or two of resultant embryos are placed in the intending mother's womb at an opportune time.

Donor Programs - Embryo & Sperm Donation

Donor programs, such as egg sperm and embryo donation, offer alternative pathways to parenthood for individuals or couples facing infertility challenges.
Sperm donation provides semen samples used for intrauterine insemination or combined with an egg during IVF and ICSI.
In IUI ART BANKS provides semen samples for IUI,IVF and ICSI.ART banks also provide donor eggs to women whose ovaries have failed and can’t produce their own eggs.when couple is neither having sperm and eggs then they can take both gametes to make embryo.

Donors undergo thorough medical and genetic screening to ensure safety. Recipients may choose donors based on preferences. Ethical considerations. Informed consent, counselling, and legal agreements are integral parts of these programs. While costs are involved, donor programs provide opportunities for genetically related couples or family-building without a biological connection. They offer hope for those facing various obstacles to conceive a child naturally or through traditional methods.

The GOBIND Fertility and IVF Center provides extensive donor programs to assist individuals who are unable to conceive or have other medical conditions that prohibit them from using their own eggs, sperm, or embryos in creating families.

Embryo Donation Program:

According to ART LAW now EMBRYO of another couple can’t be taken,couple has to take egg and sperm from the bank to form an this law single woman can get IVFservices,but same sex couples and other cuntries’s couples can not avail this services.upper age limit of female has increased to 50yrs in female and 55 yrs in male.

Sperm Donation Program:

We collaborate with accredited sperm banks to streamline the donor selection procedure in situations when donor sperm is required because of severe male factor infertility or because single mothers choose to be unmarried. Patients are assisted by our experts in carefully examining and choosing healthy sperm donors who have passed stringent medical and genetic screening. Before being made available for use in intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilisation (IVF), donor samples are retested and placed in quarantine.

We provide in-depth counselling to all participants in our donor programs regarding the ethical, legal, psychological, and medical ramifications of using donor gametes or embryos. We can select from a large pool of pre-screened donors with a range of races, physical attributes, and educational levels.

Donor Program FAQ:

Q: How are donors for embryos/sperm selected and screened?

A: All donors undergo extensive medical histories, genetic evaluations, infectious disease testing, counselling, and psychological screening before being accepted.

Q: Do I get to choose specific donor characteristics?

A: Yes, you can select preferred donor traits like ethnicity, height, education, etc based on available options in our pool.

Q: Are donor-conceived children able to access information about their donors?

A: Depending on the donor's preferences, varying levels of disclosure or anonymity may be available regarding the donor's identity.

Q: What are typical wait times to receive donor embryos/sperm?

A: For sperm and egg donation, samples are typically available within 2-4 weeks.

Q: Are there any genetic checks done on embryos/sperm?

A: All donors are tested as per ART guidelines but all possible abnormalities can’t be tested.

Q: Is counselling provided regarding using donors?

A: Yes, our staff provides in-depth counselling to ensure you understand the physical, emotional, ethical, and legal aspects.